Decades Steak House
Decades Steakhouse
martini club Happiness is finding two olives in your martini when you're hungry

martini clubThey’re big (almost 10 ozs), they’re beautiful (pink, purple, blue, green, silver and red), and they are delicious. We’ve got almost every martini that James Bond ever had shaken, not stirred. Best of all, we know how to make them. Every restaurant has martinis but you got to know how to make ‘em. Our staff can shake ‘em and stir ‘em with the best gin joints on the planet. Come on in and join the club. $20.00 gets you a spectacular drink and your own personalized glass.

We’ve got meetings too, problem is we keep loosing the minutes. Come on in and we’ll get you signed up.

The Martini Club meets Fridays from 4 to 7 PM and daily on holiday weeks.

Click here to download the Martini Club form. All proceeds are donated to Zeb's Charitable Fund.

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